Award-Winning Packaging

Madonna CD

Madonna CD

Madonna's Ray Of Light reached multi-platinum status with sales in many countries around the world. This album was greatly recognized and praised in the music industry, earning Madonna a handful of Grammy awards. In addition to the standard CD release, a special limited edition was also produced. It features a digipak casing with a Rowlux cover and a slightly different design for the booklet CD. With this design, Kevin Reagan, the album's art director, took home the Grammy for Best Recording Package.

Davidoff packaging


In preparing for a massive holiday promotion of Davidoff Cool Water perfumes and colognes, Coty was looking to enhance the visual appeal of its packaging. Rowlux was chosen for the design of an eye-catching sleeve that surrounded the box.

The custom color was developed specifically to match the traditional hallmark blue that symbolized the fragrance's essential link with the ocean. Rowland's product specialists recommended the Moiré pattern, a shimmering wave-like design that evokes moving water and the sea.

Custom colors, materials and products are part of the Rowland portfolio, created in the shortest possible development cycle, to fit the precise demands of distinctive brands throughout the world.

Eye-Catching Interior Designs

Full Immersion picture

The following testimonial from our customer says it all: Rowlux builds brand identity. It gets noticed. Its unique visual appeal helps to compete for and win customer attention.

"We recently completed the I-Tech Cleveland store. (Rowlux) proved to be a marvelous solution for I-Tech, an airport retailer. The backlit material creates a vibrant aesthetic that is visible for long distances along the corridors. We believe it captures the attention of the passing and usually hurried travelers and it helps to lure them into the space. We have received compliments on the design from Cleveland Airport officials as well as from many travelers passing by. I-Tech StoreThe owner of I-Tech is very pleased with the store design and attributes much of the success of the dynamic appearance to (Rowlux). We have stores soon to open in Denver, Laguardia, Nashville, Houston, and Baltimore airports. All of them will incorporate (Rowlux) as it has become part of I-Tech's identity."

David Nobles, President

Premium Office Products – Binders and Notebooks

Picture of PRemium Office Products

Rowlux is used in office product applications like binder and notebook covers. Numerous companies, such as Avery Dennison, have had great success using Rowlux to differentiate their products. Staples Office Superstores have featured notebooks that used Rowlux in an exclusive product offering.

Rowlux is produced in a variety of colors, patterns, and materials with unique, proprietary technology that cannot be duplicated by others.

Rowlux attracts attention on the shelf next to other run-of-the-mill products. When a product needs to stand-out from the crowd, designers choose Rowlux, because there is nothing else like it.

Enhancing the look of Musical Instruments- Drum wraps

Aerosmith Drumset

Some of the world's most famous drummers, like Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Joey Kramer of Aerosmith have chosen the look of Rowlux to compliment the drum kits they use on-tour. Rowlux is a timeless material that has been used to make drums from the 1960's to the present. Many artists, drum technicians and music stores know the material as “satin flame” a term that was used to market the material decades ago. With hundreds of colors and new pattern combinations to choose from , it can produce the amazing visual effects you are looking for from vintage nostalgia, to high-tech alternative.