Printing Methods:

Digital UV curable printers, Screen Printing, Offset, Litho, Flexo and Hot Stamping.

Cutting Methods:

Rowlux can be die-cut, guillotined and cut with standard cutting instruments – razor knife, scissors, and paper cutter.


Use water- based, pressure sensitive or contact cement adhesives EVA (ethylvinyl acetate) or PVA (polyvinyl acetate).

For Translucent Rowlux – use an optically clear water based adhesive.

Average Properties of Rowlux® Polycarbonate

Physical Test Method Units Typical Values
Specific Gravity D-792 --- 1.20
Water Absorption D-570 % max 0.32 equilibrium
Rockwell Hardness D-785 (R Scale) 118
Pencil Hardness D-3363 Scratch Hardness B
Coefficiet of Thermal Expansion D-696 in/in/ºF 38 x 10-6
Light Transmission D-1003 % 88-91
Refractive Index D-542 ND 1.586
Tensile Strength Yield D-882 psi 8,700
Tensile Strength Break D-882 psi 10,500
Elongation D-882 % 150
Tensile Modulus D-882 psi 350,000
Tensile Heat Distortion D-1637 ºF 302 @ 50 psi
Deflection Temperature D-648 ºF 288 @ 264 psi
Vicat Softening Temperature D-1525 ºF 305-315

Average Properties of Rowlux® PETG

Physical Test Method Units Typical Values
Specific Gravity D-792 --- 1.27
Thermal Conductivity D-177 Btu•in/h•ft2•ºF 1.50
Coefficiet of Thermal Expansion D-696 mm/mm•ºC 5.1 x 10-5
Tensile Stress at yield D-882 psi 7,500
Tensile Stress at break D-882 psi 8,000
Elongation at break D-882 % 400
Tensile Modulus of Elasticity D-882 105 psi 2.80
Deflection Temperature D-648 ºF @ 264 psi 147
Vicat Softening Temperature D-1521 ºF 185

PLEASE NOTE: Properties reported here are typical of average lots. Rowland Technologies, Inc. makes no representation that the material in any particular shipment will conform exactly to the value given herein nor is Rowland Technologies, Inc. responsible for the performance of this material for a given application. The user of the material should perform their own testing to determine the suitability of the material for the intended use. Applications depicted herein are not specifiations. They are provided as information only.